Making The Best Out Of Torque Wrench

How to Use a Torque Wrench

Buy and use a torque wrench to prevent common over-tightening problems and avoid expensive fixes later.

Adjust the torque wrench to the manufacturer listed setting.

You may think you don’t need a torque wrench to install spark plugs or work on your garden and lawn equipment. But studies show that most DIYers overtighten just about everything. And overtightening leads to broken bolts, stripped threads and damaged equipment.

Having a torque wrench and the manufacturer’s torque value in hand, the issue is solved: A “clicker” torque wrench makes an audible click when you’ve reached the set torque, along with a “beam”-style wrench, you only watch the scale and stop at the right number.

Torque Wrench Use and Care Tips

Tighten fasteners in 2 steps-first to half torque and then to final torque.

Clean dirty or rusted threads before tightening, but don’t lubricate them unless instructed to by the equipment manufacturer.

Always dial the wrench back to zero (never below zero) when you’re finished with it.

Never use your torque wrench as a breaker bar-that’ll damage the torque mechanism.

Carry it with kid gloves-just one fall can knock the precision off as much as 30 percent. If you do drop it, get it recalibrated (calibration firms listed below) before working with it again.


Check Out The Odometer Rollack

For those of you worried about odometer fraud, use our Free Odometer Rollback Check to make sure the car you’re about to buy has the correct mileage. You can also follow these tips to avoid purchasing a rolled-back vehicle:

Make certain the car’s tear and wear is consistent with the odometer reading.


Ask the seller for service records and note the mileage to them.

Buy from a recommended dealership or trusted seller.

Be wary of “too good to get true” deals or overly-aggressive sellers who desire a quick sale.

Get a CARFAX Vehicle History Report from the seller or at

Possess a trusted mechanic thoroughly inspect the check and vehicle its computer.

Buying Your First Car


Buying your first car is a big deal. Whether you just got your driver’s license or you’ve been driving a family vehicle, or even leasing, it’s a totally different feeling to have your own car and a step to be proud of. Buying a car can be daunting though. On top of the money you’ll have to spend, you have to go through the process of buying it.

Luckily, there are lots of things you can do to make it easier. First, you can start by visiting dealership websites, like, where you can compare vehicles and see what lots have available, as well as pricing.

Woman holding car keys

You can also visit different dealerships and shop around. Get to know some sales people at various car lots and let them know exactly what you’re looking for. When you find the right dealership, which is offering you the right price, you’ll know. A good salesperson will be able to guide you through all the minutiae that comes along with the exciting task of buying a brand new car. There will be papers to fill out and lots of details to go over. Make sure you find a salesperson you’re comfortable with because this will greatly affect your car buying experience. You want someone who is helpful, not pushy and informative without being robotic.

Whether you’re shopping online or at a dealership, visiting a website, like

Saab Tries Luck In Producing Different Kind Of Cars


Swedish car maker Saab once had a very faithful brand following. It’s buyers really stuck to the brand name and though they weren’t many, they still made Saab a mainstream manufacturer.

Because they were recently purchased (finally) by a Japanese and Chinese consortium that will change. Saab will turn to the production of considerably more exclusive cars.

Simply because the plan to the Swedish brand is to produce new electric cars. That’s a market that even Saab was outselling.

Considering they haven’t produced a car for about 2 years you can see the sort of mountain electric cars have yet to climb.

Whatever the situation, Saab’s future is electric. In the meantime, that sadly means battery powered but there’s bound to be a few interesting aspects of it.

The first model they’re going to roll out is actually going to be in accordance with the Saab 9-3. That means it’ll look like an incredible car, be very well built and come with great aerodynamics to help the range and efficiency.

On top of that, the Swedes will almost certainly maintain the overly gadgeted Japanese as well as the Chinese instinct to copy at bay.

Once you think about it it really not shaping up as a recipe for disaster. There is a bit of a problem. As with any new venture, money is pretty tight.

That doesn’t mean Saab will be cutting corners, it’s just that they’ll be taking their time. The 9-3 EV will hit production sometime in 2014 and there’s no word on some other models yet.

Essentials for Every Girl Who Likes to Play With the Boys


Just because you’re a girl doesn’t mean you need to stick to girly things rather than let your true personality come through. Play hard or watch the game, here are some great things that you need, if you appreciate to drive fast.

1. A Quick Car


Though it may be more advertized for dudes, the Challenger from puente hills chrysler dodge jeep ram is a superb muscle car for tomboys too. This car is powerful and fast and there is no reason to let guys have all the enjoyment with it. Find out more about the Challenger at

2. A Great Group of Sports Equipment

Whether you like football, biking or soccer, you need to have the most effective equipment to help you really compete. That’s why it is worth putting the cash in to quality sporting goods. It isn’t necessary to buy new each time. There are some great places to obtain used sporting equipment for a fraction of what you will normally buy it for. Naturally there are always will be some things that you will need to buy new, so ensure you have a location to get the thing you need. Remember that most mortar and brick sporting goods stores cater towards men, but there are plenty of places on the net.

3. A Giant TV

In the last few years, televisions have gotten really inexpensive, meaning that you can now afford to get a good quality one that is very large for less than $1000. If you are looking for the biggest name brands, put more money into it. Don’t be completely afraid of some of the lesser known brands, especially if you such as the quality, although if you are merely wanting for something huge to look at your favorite team on, perform a little research. You can really step up your watching knowledge of a great sound bar and a couple of comfy recliners.

What Comes With The GTO

In 2004 GM imported an Australian muscle car and sold it to the US as the Pontiac GTO. It absolutely was 40 years following the original GTO was first introduced to the world. It was true to the GTO formula, even though the GTO might not have been the retro-mobile like the upcoming Camaro or maybe the new Challenger. Take a small coupe, stuff the biggest engine in it and let the tires smoke!


The 2004 GTO was powered by the infamous LS1 and was putting out 365lb and 350hp-ft of torque. The 2004 received high marks for comfort and speed, but was much aligned for being a “Bland Am”. In 2006 and 2005 the GTO was updated with 50 more horsepower and 35lb-ft of torque. The newer GTOs also got a little more physical aspect improvements with a bit of hood scoops and split dual exhaust.

In the GTO community what really separates the 2004 vs the 2005/6 GTOs is simply the engine. Under the plain hood of your 2004 pumps the 350hp LS1 and beneath the hood scoops from the newer models is the 400hp LS2.

Both versions from the GTO enjoy a large aftermarket of go-fast goodies and tuning opportunities for the GTO driver who would like to go faster. Considering the same mods it tends to respond with a lot more horsepower. That’s an interesting tidbit about the LS1.

SLP makes a “421HP Bobcat” package for that 2004 GTO that gives the LS1 a 71hp boost for $3405. SLP makes an identical Performance Pac for the 2005/6 GTO referred to as the “455HP Bobcat” sold for $3868. That gives the 2005/6 GTOs merely a 55hp gain.

When you study those numbers you wil recognize that LS1 produces 16 more hp for 463 less dollars. Needless to say if an ‘04 GTO owner and an ‘06 GTO owner were to both purchase the same Performance Pacs the ‘06 GTO would still have 34 more horsepower.

All of these factors are making the 2005/6 GTOs a little more desirable in comparison to the 2004 GTOs. For the thinking muscle car fan, a great case can be done for the rarer slightly less powerful 2004 GTO. However, a slightly less powerful 2004 GTO is only a few mods away from being faster compared to a stock LS2 GTO.

Oh and you should possess some money leftover for mods because the 2004 GTOs are increasingly being sold under $15k.

So, is it the 2004 the “Lesser GTO”? Well it provides less horsepower, less appearance modifications, mods cost less and also the selling price is less. So yes the LS1 GTO is the lesser GTO, but sometimes less is more.

Useful Laws that Would Keep Bad Drivers Off the Road

To say that some drivers are better than others would be an understatement. Even though everyone is free to get a driver’s license, their attitude, attention vehicle and span will be very important factors when it comes to how the behave on the road. Unfortunately, their work does not simply affect only them, but it extends to other drivers it is therefore only normal that the good drivers want harsher driving laws which will be aimed at making the roads safer for everyone involved.

1. Harsher signaling requirements

One of many defining characteristics of a bad driver is not signaling when changing lanes and turning. This may not happen because they forget or because they don’t know they must signal. That’s the biggest problem. They don’t do it simply because they don’t desire to or because they don’t believe it is necessary. At the same time, they are still the ones who get angry if somebody rear-ends them because they didn’t give them plenty of time to react.


2. The fast lane is for driving fast

Many drivers simply see it as a good lane to use when the others are too crowded, though oftentimes, the left lane is designated as the fast lane where cars are meant to go faster. Slow drivers or slow cars would be wise to stick to the right unless they may be making a left turn.


3. Obligatory cruise control

There is a group of drivers who simply cannot maintain a steady speed. Their foot goes all around and they turn out going from 35 to 50 mph and back again as they think they may be traveling in the same speed. This is frustrating and fuel consuming for all behind them so it appears to be having cruise control is the only way to keep these people in balance.


If you want to drive a really good car, try Empire Nissan. At you will be very happy with the wide array of vehicles available.

The Grossman Burn Center Gets Lucky With The Give-A-Way Donation Of Cars 4 Causes


The Cars 4 Causes® Give-Away Programdonated a 2002 Toyota Sienna Van to the Grossman Burn Foundation. The van was given by Executive Director Pat Jessup, and President Patti Kennedy from Cars 4 Causes® corporate offices in Ventura, CA. The Burn Foundation contacted Cars 4 Causes® earlier this year regarding the requirement for a vehicle for use for a unique mission.

The Grossman Burn Foundation is definitely the philanthropic arm of the California-based Grossman Burn Center, LLC, which specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgery treatment for burn victims. The Cornerstone recently opened a facility in Kabul, Afghanistan. Their request was for a van or SUV to use as a transport for patients.

The newly opened hospital is under the direction of Dr. Peter Grossman, and Dr. Abdul Asat. Both doctors are accomplished Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. The facility will provide care to patients in Afghanistan regardless of ability to pay, inside a place the location where the health status of the general populace, especially women, ranks among the very worst in the world. The van will be shipped to Kabul, where it will probably be used to provide transportation for burn victims. Grossman Burn Centers stated that this donation from the Cars 4 Causes® Give-Away Program is a vital area of the success with their mission in Kabul.

Ways to Tell You’re No Longer in Your 20’s

We’re not getting any younger, in fact, we’re getting older, day after day. Sometimes you see a sign that says what age you have to be in order to buy liquor, and you think, people born in 1993 can legally drink now? I was a teenager listening to Nirvana in 1993, that can’t have been 21 years ago. Well, it was. Though each individual day seems the same as its preceding day, when you stack them all up, and zoom out on the timeline of your life, you’ll see you’re old, and you are no longer in your 20’s. Here are some warning signs.


What’s the MPG?

It used to be when buying a car, all that was important was: is it cool? Will the ladies dig it? How fast does it go, and what color is it. If you find yourself enamored by those tiny little Fiats coming over from Europe, and you head to Fiat Downey after doing extensive internet research on looking for the car that has the best fuel economy, and most reliability, you are no longer in your 20’s.


This is music?

I mentioned Nirvana – Nevermind is now about as old as Abbey Road was when Nevermind came out. Think about that. Your parents wondered what this loud and awful music was that you were cranking out of your stereo. They questioned if it was even music. Well, your parents’ parents wondered if the Beatles could actually be considered music. If you find yourself hearing Miley or Bieber and wondering what’s wrong with kids these days, and is this even music, then you are no longer in your 20’s.


I’ll have the salad.

When you go out to eat, you get the burger. Add cheese. Add bacon. Add more bacon. Yes, the fries, and can I have an extra bottle of ketchup please? That’s what going out to eat is. That and about 6 pints of the local good stuff. But when you get a bit older, you can’t just go for the occasional run or hit the gym hard for a week and lose that extra blubber. If you find yourself at the bar ‘n’ grill browsing the salads, and actually ordering one, you are no longer in your 20’s.

Number 3?

When you’re fresh out of school, your first friends start getting married. And you think, well that’s clearly too young. Then they start having kids and you scratch your head and wonder if there isn’t plenty more of life to live before you give yourself over to a young ‘un. Well, when your friends start having their second and third kids, and you think, oh that’s nice, a little family coming along instead of “too young! Too young!” you are no longer in your 20’s. Still, feel free to hide them on Facebook, that is well within your right.

532BHP Lexus RC-F GT3 Race Car Finally Released In The Public


If, for whatever reason, the BMW M4-rivalling RC-F Lexus is a touch tame for yourself, this might well be the solution. It’s the RC-F GT3 racing car concept, and it’s by far the most extreme Lexus this side of an LFA.

Lexus RC F GT3 3

The naturally-aspirated 5.-litre V8 from the road-going car is within the bonnet, with the power raised from 450bhp to 532bhp. With the car weighing only 1249kg, this thing should be quick.

Lexus RC F GT3 2

It’ll be delivered to racing teams next year, and is also expected to compete in events such as the 24 Hours Of Nurburgring endurance race, and Japan’s Super GT series.

Lexus RC F GT3 4

The concept is going to be publicly unveiled next week at the Geneva motor show, alongside the newest RC Sport (above). That car is going to be available as either the RC300h having a 217bhp hybrid powertrain, or the RC350 by using a 306bhp 3.5-litre V6. For reasons outlined in our recent IS300h review, we’d recommend you avoid the hybrid.