Saab Tries Luck In Producing Different Kind Of Cars


Swedish car maker Saab once had a very faithful brand following. It’s buyers really stuck to the brand name and though they weren’t many, they still made Saab a mainstream manufacturer.

Because they were recently purchased (finally) by a Japanese and Chinese consortium that will change. Saab will turn to the production of considerably more exclusive cars.

Simply because the plan to the Swedish brand is to produce new electric cars. That’s a market that even Saab was outselling.

Considering they haven’t produced a car for about 2 years you can see the sort of mountain electric cars have yet to climb.

Whatever the situation, Saab’s future is electric. In the meantime, that sadly means battery powered but there’s bound to be a few interesting aspects of it.

The first model they’re going to roll out is actually going to be in accordance with the Saab 9-3. That means it’ll look like an incredible car, be very well built and come with great aerodynamics to help the range and efficiency.

On top of that, the Swedes will almost certainly maintain the overly gadgeted Japanese as well as the Chinese instinct to copy at bay.

Once you think about it it really not shaping up as a recipe for disaster. There is a bit of a problem. As with any new venture, money is pretty tight.

That doesn’t mean Saab will be cutting corners, it’s just that they’ll be taking their time. The 9-3 EV will hit production sometime in 2014 and there’s no word on some other models yet.

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