Ways to Tell You’re No Longer in Your 20’s

We’re not getting any younger, in fact, we’re getting older, day after day. Sometimes you see a sign that says what age you have to be in order to buy liquor, and you think, people born in 1993 can legally drink now? I was a teenager listening to Nirvana in 1993, that can’t have been 21 years ago. Well, it was. Though each individual day seems the same as its preceding day, when you stack them all up, and zoom out on the timeline of your life, you’ll see you’re old, and you are no longer in your 20’s. Here are some warning signs.


What’s the MPG?

It used to be when buying a car, all that was important was: is it cool? Will the ladies dig it? How fast does it go, and what color is it. If you find yourself enamored by those tiny little Fiats coming over from Europe, and you head to Fiat Downey after doing extensive internet research on http://www.ocfiat.com looking for the car that has the best fuel economy, and most reliability, you are no longer in your 20’s.


This is music?

I mentioned Nirvana – Nevermind is now about as old as Abbey Road was when Nevermind came out. Think about that. Your parents wondered what this loud and awful music was that you were cranking out of your stereo. They questioned if it was even music. Well, your parents’ parents wondered if the Beatles could actually be considered music. If you find yourself hearing Miley or Bieber and wondering what’s wrong with kids these days, and is this even music, then you are no longer in your 20’s.


I’ll have the salad.

When you go out to eat, you get the burger. Add cheese. Add bacon. Add more bacon. Yes, the fries, and can I have an extra bottle of ketchup please? That’s what going out to eat is. That and about 6 pints of the local good stuff. But when you get a bit older, you can’t just go for the occasional run or hit the gym hard for a week and lose that extra blubber. If you find yourself at the bar ‘n’ grill browsing the salads, and actually ordering one, you are no longer in your 20’s.

Number 3?

When you’re fresh out of school, your first friends start getting married. And you think, well that’s clearly too young. Then they start having kids and you scratch your head and wonder if there isn’t plenty more of life to live before you give yourself over to a young ‘un. Well, when your friends start having their second and third kids, and you think, oh that’s nice, a little family coming along instead of “too young! Too young!” you are no longer in your 20’s. Still, feel free to hide them on Facebook, that is well within your right.

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