Useful Laws that Would Keep Bad Drivers Off the Road

To say that some drivers are better than others would be an understatement. Even though everyone is free to get a driver’s license, their attitude, attention vehicle and span will be very important factors when it comes to how the behave on the road. Unfortunately, their work does not simply affect only them, but it extends to other drivers it is therefore only normal that the good drivers want harsher driving laws which will be aimed at making the roads safer for everyone involved.

1. Harsher signaling requirements

One of many defining characteristics of a bad driver is not signaling when changing lanes and turning. This may not happen because they forget or because they don’t know they must signal. That’s the biggest problem. They don’t do it simply because they don’t desire to or because they don’t believe it is necessary. At the same time, they are still the ones who get angry if somebody rear-ends them because they didn’t give them plenty of time to react.


2. The fast lane is for driving fast

Many drivers simply see it as a good lane to use when the others are too crowded, though oftentimes, the left lane is designated as the fast lane where cars are meant to go faster. Slow drivers or slow cars would be wise to stick to the right unless they may be making a left turn.


3. Obligatory cruise control

There is a group of drivers who simply cannot maintain a steady speed. Their foot goes all around and they turn out going from 35 to 50 mph and back again as they think they may be traveling in the same speed. This is frustrating and fuel consuming for all behind them so it appears to be having cruise control is the only way to keep these people in balance.


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