Off Roading Never Gets Old

California contains some of the most bewildering and beautiful landscapes in the entire country. We now have national parks with stunning coasts and towering snow-capped mountains. We have now lush forests cut by powerful rivers and waterfalls that cascade numerous feet from towering cliffs. We have meadows and deserts and everything and meadows in between. To enjoy this natural beauty is actually a rare treat, partially because there’s a lot of options that it’s hard to make a decision, and a number of these places will not be easy to reach. To make it to some of these remote locations you’ll need an authority vehicle, capable of some rather rugged maneuvers and powerful enough to indicate the landscape who’s boss. Then you’ll need to gather the boys and pack the camping gear.

Before you even plan a rugged road trip, just get yourself a Jeep. Trust me on this. Jeep makes a variety of trucks and SUVs that could double as a Sherpa on a trek to summit Mount Everest. I feel that you get the point, although that’s not true. Jeeps are world renown for the shocking ability to cross shallow streams and climb intimidating inclines. Head over to your local Jeep dealership today and discover the deal that’s perfect for you. If you’re in Los Angeles, take a cab to jeep dealer orange county because chances are excellent you’ll be leaving that day with a new truck. If that’s a bit ambitious, go online and look for OC Auto to peruse the latest, inspiring vehicles.

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My first recommendation for just about any rugged trip for the boys is always Yosemite National Park. It’s no mystery why people travel to Yosemite from all over the world. It’s among the most gorgeous places on the planet. While Yosemite Valley is host to some of the country’s most recognizable geological landmarks, the park itself has more to offer than a mere weekend getaway could manage.

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Joshua Tree is situated just 2 hours from Los Angeles and offers a baffling landscape that appears to be pasted and cut from a science fiction movie. Actually, it’s the other way around. Joshua Tree is host to awe-inspiring rock formations and probably the most fun off-roading the world knows. Stuck way out in the desert, this majestic landscape seem created specially for Jeep owners who want to show off what their trucks are capable of doing.

Last, but certainly not least is Death Valley. Can you assume that Southern California hosts all of these amazing National Parks? Sometimes it just blows my mind. Death Valley is below sea level and is a sprawling, beautiful desert eco-system that boasts unique wildlife found nowhere else on the planet. During the right time of year, this barren, arid and sandy landscape blooms right into a wonderland of color once the wild flowers bloom. And yes, there’s great off-roading to become experienced at the same time.

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